Hiring Strippers in Las Vegas vs. Going to a Strip Club

Currently, all the strip clubs are closed in Las Vegas so the only choice is to book some hot strippers to come to perform in your hotel room. However, once the clubs open back up, the debate continues. Which is better, hiring strippers to come to your room, or going to a strip club in Las Vegas?

Obviously, we’re biased, but we do have a perspective from both ends and can help you make the right choice.

The advantages of going to a strip club are that you’ll have a wide variety of girls to choose from. So if you want a wide variety of girls to adore, strip clubs are the way to go. If you’re looking to socialize and try to meet new people, you may lean towards visiting a strip club as well, as there will be lots of people there to interact with. Just keep in mind, their focus is going to be on the girls, not chit chatting someone they just met, so keep that in mind.

Advantages of Hiring Strippers

The advantages of hiring strippers to your room are many.

Convenience of Hiring Strippers

One, you don’t have to go anywhere. No waiting for a taxi or rideshare, no sketchy limos, no travel time, no traffic surprises. Just book and relax. Secondly, you’re in control of the environment. You get to put on your favorite music, or even videos on the TV. You’re not going to get frisked by a bouncer. There’s no bag search. No being stopped for intoxication. You’re in charge.

Cost of Strippers In Your Hotel

Also, you’ll spend less on drinks. There’s no drink minimum in your room, and for the price of one or two drinks at a gentlemen’s club you can buy a bottle of your favorite liquor and mixers, so you’ll save a lot on alcohol. Most clubs price their mixed drinks upwards of $20 each, and you’ll be lucky to get a beer for less than $15. The real surprise is that when you pay the “two drink minimum” charge of $40-$50 and order $30 worth of drinks, you don’t get your money back. Again stock up on your favorite drinks and you’ll have enough for a whole weekend of partying for what it will cost you to get in the door at a strip club.

If you factor in the costs of transportation, cover charge, drink minimums, and additional costs, you can’t really have much fun at a Vegas strip club for less than $500. Sure you can go in there and nurse a beer and not get any attention from the ladies and leave disappointed for around $100, but why bother?

With the money you’ll save staying in, you can have the night of your life. Invest that money in the stripper of your choice and she’ll treat you like a VIP.

No-Risk Stripper Selection

The fourth advantage of in-room strippers over strip clubs is peace of mind. You don’t have to pay any money upfront before you see the girls like at a strip club. There’s nothing worse than paying a $50 cover charge, only to be let in and find a small selection of unattractive girls dancing because it’s kinda slow. You’ll know exactly who’s going to be showing up at your door, and if you’re not happy for any reason, politely decline. They’ll happily send girl after girl until you find one you like.

You see, when you go to a strip club, they are set up so you can’t see the talent before you pay the cover charge and two-drink minimum. This is on purpose. It is very difficult to get super hot dancers to show up, pay their house fee, and sit around not making any money if it’s slow. The girls are smart, and they time their schedules to maximize their profits. Sure weekend nights are always busy, but they also have to pay the most money (house fees) during peak times. So they schedule so that it’s relatively busy, but the fees aren’t insane, and they aren’t competing with a full lineup of strippers for the customers’ attention.

Fulfilling Your Stripper Fantasy

Maybe you want a naughty nurse to show up at your hotel. Or even a domineering school teacher in a short skirt. Or maybe your fantasy is a fit babe in workout attire. Whatever your stripper fantasy may be, you can specify your tastes when you call and the hostess will make sure the girls are ready to meet your expectations.

When you go to the strip clubs, 90% of the girl are going to be in bikinis, bras and panties, or lingerie that’s seen many miles. You may occasionally find a schoolgirl outfit or cheerleader, but the odds of the girl of your preference having your fantasy costume on hand are near zero.

Again, when you book a stripper to your room, you’re in control. You set the tone, and get exactly what you want. It’s like Amazon vs Walmart. Sure the superstores have a lot in stock, but if you’re looking for something specific, Amazon is the way to go and their delivery service is better.

You’re the Boss When You Book Direct

Along the same lines of convenience and control, you’re in charge when your order strippers online. There’s no bouncer telling you to keep your hands off the girl. If two consenting adults agree to intimate interactions in the privacy of a hotel room, nobody has the right to tell them what they can and can’t do.

If you want to get drunk and holler, go for it. No bartender to cut you off when you’re the one running the bar! Play the music you want, or put on something steamy on the T.V. It’s up to you. Indulge yourself, you’ve earned it.

Final Thoughts

The strip clubs in Las Vegas are world-class, no doubt. But the reality is there are many more advantages to booking a stripper to your hotel room vs. traveling to a club. In-room strippers are more cost effective, more convenient, and you have ultimate control. Go ahead and browse our selection of strippers, find your perfect girl and call. You’re going to have an amazing time, guaranteed.