Hiring Strippers for Your Vegas Bachelor Party

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Key Points to Consider

  1. Make sure the bachelor has a good time. It’s easy to lose sight of that fact when the booze is flowing and the girls are getting wild, but ultimately, the party is for him

  2. Make sure everyone understands that the girls work for tips. There’s nothing worse than everyone getting excited to have strippers come to perform, but nobody put aside any money to tip.  The more you tip the more fun you have, so be prepared!

  3. If there are more than two people at your party, you’ll need to hire multiple strippers. This is for several reasons. One, it ensures there’s enough entertainment so that everyone has a good time. Second, multiple dancers just feel safer when they’re not alone with a big group. You want them to feel comfortable, that way everyone has a good time.

  4. You want to hire girls that work well together. Best advice is to pick one girl that you really like then have 2-3 secondary options. That way, when you call you can request your top pick and give the hostess options for the additional dancers so she can put together the perfect team for your party.

  5. No explicit talk on the phone, in emails, or chat. Save that for when the girls arrive!

  6. But remember to be respectful to the strippers. They work hard to ensure you have a great time. Being rude is a sure fire way to make their stay brief. Treat them well, and you’ll have the night of your life!

  7. What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas. Don’t run your mouth when you get home, lest you get everyone else in your group in trouble!

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